How to Remove Negative Reviews

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How to remove negative reviews for your:

  • Business Website
  • Blog
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Yelp

How Remove a Negative Review for Business Website:

Once a negative review is received there are a number of things that you can do to make a negative review less visible or to rectify an already disastrous situation however, there is no way to “remove” the review other than contacting a site administrator or the person who wrote the review and ask them to take it down

  • Contact the customer directly and publicly- ask them what they did not like about your product or  website- was it too difficult to navigate? Did the product not appear as advertised?- sometime receiving customer    feedback can help your business processes as well as improve on product innovation
  • Contact the site the review was submitted on
  • Encourage your clients to write positive reviews about your business
  • Find different ways of obtaining feedback from your customers other than online reviews

How to Remove Negative Reviews from your Blog:

  • Create links to positive reviews
  • Be active on social media and set up as many legitimate profiles as possible
  • Mark reviews as fake

How to Remove Negative Reviews from Google:

  • Flag the review as “inappropriate”
  • Are the reviews harassing?- report the user

How to Remove Negative Reviews from Yelp

  • Build up your reviews with positive reviews from friends and family-however no “review bating”
  • Don’t send out email all at once
  • Have reviews on different days
  • Utilize other ways to bring customers to your website
  • More social media websites
  • Take legal measures

The internet has revolutionized the way we communicate, buy and sell goods and services as well as express our first amendment rights. Small and local businesses have been turning to the internet for over a decade to promote, buy and sell their products as well as communicate with their clientele. Today, an online presence and positive reputation can either drive your business towards financial success or severely stunt your potential growth because you are not adequately dealing with customer feedback and complaints. Once a negative review is received there are a number of things that you can do to make a negative review less visible or to rectify a disastrous situation. However, there is no way to “remove” the review other than contacting a site administrator or the person who wrote the review and ask them to take it down.

Successful businesses all have one thing in common and that is impeccable customer service. Businesses thrive on customer feedback because it directly impacts their bottom line- revenue. A common way for businesses to stay in touch with their customers is to communicate to them directly. For example, if a negative review is given online then a  successful business would contact the customer directly and publicly to document and rectify the customers complaints. This can easily turn a negative experience into a positive experience for that particular customer. By documenting the steps you took to resolve this customer’s complaints, other potential customers may see this review and want to deal with your company because they know that you take the the time deal with  customer complaints head on.

Even the best run businesses are going to receive a negative review. However, positive reviews can heavily outweigh the sporadic unfavorable review. Another way to counteract a negative review is to steer your more loyal customers to write reviews for your business. Did a customer purchase a large order? Encourage them to write a review. A business could ask customers to register with their email address and send out surveys with each item purchased. Also, to generate a diverse collection of reviews, you should think about having your business advertised on multiple social media outlets- twitter, facebook, yelp etc. This well help you obtain a wide variety of reviews from different demographics and help you reach people from different locations. Steer your friends and family towards these various social media websites and utilize links to show positive reviews of your business on other websites. Be careful to not solicit reviews- a keen customer will be skeptical of only positive reviews and the practice of “review baiting” is simply dishonest and can harm you in the long run.

Should you find that your business is being slandered on a review site or you notice that people are threatening your business and products out of spite,  contact sites such as google or yelp and have the review flagged (or flag yourself if you are the site administrator) or convince the administrator to remove the review. Ultimately, negative reviews should be reviewed by a customer service team to improve on products, increase sales and to further create innovative products driving your business to be the best it can be. A negative review should never be ignored because it is a missed opportunity to make your business the best that it can be when dealing with customer complaints head on.

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