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Primo Hoagies, the top hoagie franchise in the Philadelphia area, wanted to build more awareness with non-branded keywords, while taking advantage of their already strong customer base.

Achieved an average of 55K visitors to their website every month.
Increased Primo's organic website traffic my 30K over a 2 year period
We ranked over 300 keywords on the first page of google and yahoo
Achieve rankings and generated 35.23% of clients traffic with non-branded keywords


To achieve ranking for non-branded keyword; above competitors.


A drastic change in marketing philosophy towards customer interaction and the capture of awareness of potential customers generically looking for similar food. This was done by targeting related non-branded keywords and an aggressive push using high priority partnering websites and relationships. In addition to that, we focused on the interaction between the company and it's future customer as well as past customers.


We’ve achieved a tremendous success ranking for over 300 keyword with 35.3% of them being non-branded. We also were able to produce an estimated 9.6% conversion rate on related marketing campaigns. Primo's was happy to see an increase in traffic of over 30K monthly visits which is estimated to produce a Return on Investment (ROI) of 780%.

9.6% CRO

35% less cost

780% ROI

From The Client

“We're having a great marketing experience working with insight. We've never seen so much traffic and sales have increased significantly over the time we've contracted with them. We hope we're in store for more of the same.”

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